Home Buying Checklist: What to Look for In a Brisbane Home

In this latest blog from Northside Realty we’ve put together the home buying checklist: what to look for in a Brisbane home.

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make so it’s important to cover all the bases before you buy.

Our checklist has everything you need to take into consideration as you go through the buying process.

So, what are you waiting for? Read the blog below to make sure your next purchase is your dream home! For further advice please get in touch with Northside Realty team on (07) 3264 4033 or enquire online.

Top Things to Consider When Buying a Brisbane Property

  1. Type of property you want – unit, house (what kind of house – low set, high set, Queenslander, etc)
  2. School catchments and location – suburb appeal and suitability
  3. Is the property suitable to be renovated and how extensive this renovation should be?
  4. Brand new home already built or purchasing a home and land package
  5. Size of the house – downsizing or upsizing

Regardless of what property you decide to purchase, spending the time to inspect any property you wish to buy is crucial!

Getting a building and pest inspection done is integral to make sure that the property you’re planning on buying is in great condition and any potential problems are uncovered.

Check out our guide to pre-purchasing building and pest inspections North Brisbane here.  

What are the Qualities of A Good Home?

 A good quality home is not necessarily a new modern house. It could be an old property that has been well maintained.

Here’s a list of things to look out for:

  • No drainage issues
  • No termites or expensive old termite damage
  • No dry rot timber
  • No moisture problems
  • It has been well maintained
  • No structural issues

Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying A Home

  • Lack of research: This may include not researching the neighbourhood well, checking the crime levels (which could have an impact on your home insurance), school catchment area, transport, possible zoning issues, planned developments etc.
  • Not doing a full compliance search through council to check approvals and certifications are all done
  • Going beyond your budget or choosing the wrong mortgage options. Speaking with the finance broker is essential, be realistic about your borrowing capacity/living expenses, etc.
  • Not having the right clauses in the contract: Make sure it’s subject to a full compliance search. In other words, a clause to check all the records with the council to make sure there are no outstanding approvals that could cost you thousands.
  • Not understanding all the costs of buying a home – for example, stamp duty, rates, application fees, or if there’s a requirement for mortgage insurance and the price. Also, let’s not forget about the moving expenses as well.
  • Not getting a building and pest inspection.
  • Buying a property first before selling: You have no bargaining power to buy another home so you may end up paying more. Also having to have a sunset clause added that enables the seller to sell the house to another buyer while you are trying to sell yours. If you sell your home first, you then know how much you have to buy the next house and you have better bargaining power.

Home Buying Checklist: What to Look for In a Brisbane Home

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