How to Choose a Real Estate Agent for the Sale of your Home

Figuring out how to choose a real estate agent for the sale of your home can be a daunting process, but the team at Northside Realty have put together our recommendations for what you should consider.

Selling your home can be a stressful and emotional time – choosing an agent is the most important step that will directly influence how easy or difficult the rest of the process is.

We hope these tips will help make this process easier so that you can go forward in the selling process with confidence in your choice of agent.

Essential factors for choosing a real estate agent:


  • Your house is (normally) your most expensive asset, you want someone experienced to look after the sale of your property.
  • With experience comes skill, market knowledge, good advice and a great track record

Local Knowledge

  • Markets vary and any agent you consider should be able to show you examples of recent sales in your local area
  • Regular, local sales demonstrate that an agent knows the area, they know the buyers and seller demographics, and are familiar with the area’s infrastructure, laws and council regulations, schools and parks
  • Knowledge of the above will mean that the agent will know how to make your home appeal to the buyers in the area and help you to sell your home for a great price.

Market knowledge

  • It is crucial that your agent knows the current market, trends, prices, values, changes and areas in order to price, advertise and sell effectively.
  • The Market changes in the blink of an eye and that knowledge is crucial. Having a well-grounded agent could make all the difference.

Demonstrated Results

  • Claiming to have sold hundreds of properties is great – but you need an agent to back it up with facts. Ensure your agent can provide their most recent seller testimonials for the local area as well as the last 10 to 20 sales. This will demonstrate that they have consistent results .

Clear Strategy

  • A clear defined marketing strategy is crucial to the sale of your home. An experienced agent should be able to demonstrate what they intend to do and how to sell your home for more money.

Professional Skills

  • If you don’t find the agent approachable and professional, chances are the buyers won’t either. Choosing an agent with the right personality can mean the difference between a home coming in under budget, after months on the market and a quick sale for a great price.
  • The agent should be experienced enough so they are able to present your house correctly to attract the right buyer’s for your specific area and market
  • An excellent negotiator is able to sell for more, and knows when to be patient, or when the market calls for more aggression.

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent for the Sale of your Home

We hope that the tips above will help you to find and choose the right real estate agent for the sale of your property.

If you’d like more advice, or to see if our team might be the right fit to help you sell your home, get in touch on (07) 3264 4033 or send us an online message here.

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