Is Christmas a Good Time to Sell your North Brisbane home?

While you may be thinking is Christmas a good time to sell your North Brisbane home? Northside Realty can help with the five of the most common questions about selling in the silly season.

It may seem like the busiest time of year could put people off purchasing their biggest investment, but there are a few other considerations to make before deciding if you should list your property.

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5 Common Questions About Selling at Christmas Time

  1. What are the common misconception/s about listing your home for sale at Christmas?
    Most people don’t want to move around this time, and there are no buyer enquiries or inspections. While some people may not want to move, for many others, the holidays represent time off from work making it a very convenient go to inspections or move.

  2. Why is Christmas/summer a good time to sell?
    A lot of buyers take annual leave from work around Christmas and have time to go to open homes and schedule private inspections. If a buyer is required to sell their property before a new purchase, they can also utilise this time to make final preparations for the sale of their home. This often makes it easier for buyers to list their home.

  3. How early should you list your home if you want to sell before Christmas?
    Any time before Christmas is a great time to list, just make sure to avoid the public holidays. Be aware that 90% of solicitors are on holidays during this time which makes it challenging to settle with ease sometimes. The bank should be still okay to do the settlements/finance approvals during this time, but they could have reduced staff on hand which may mean it could take longer to process.

  4. What are the settlement contract options to be aware of?
    If the settlement is due in between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, ask for an extended settlement and push the date to the beginning of January.

  5. Is there a specific type of buyer who is typically looking to move at Christmas?
    Families wanting to buy and settle in the new house before the new school year starts, especially if they have moved to a new school catchment district or moved for a new job.

Is Christmas a Good Time to Sell Your North Brisbane Home

If you’ve been considering selling your property but are hesitant over the Christmas period, now could actually be the best time to go on the market. If you are ready or would like further advice from experienced professional, call Northside Realty today on 07 3264 4033 or enquire online here.

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