Northside Realty Methods of Sale

Looking to sell your property but want to understand more about the different options available to you? Northside Realty offer three methods of sale including Private Treaty, Auction and Tender.

We’ve listed the points of difference for each method below. Please contact us or call us if you’d like further information. We’d be happy to help!


  • No set time frame
  • Price is set or capped
  • No urgency to influence the buyer making a decision, except in a Multi-Offer situation
  • No competition to drive the price up
  • Market affects the price, not the buyers
  • 99.9% of the time, the contract is subject to a finance condition, sometimes up to 21 days
  • Cooling-Off period of 5 days
  • Building & Pest, sometimes up to 21 days
  • Other Conditions
  • The Buyer has 4 ‘outs’ of the contract should they change their mind


  • Set time-frame comprised of a 4-5 week marketing campaign
  • Guaranteed Result either before the auction, at the auction, or after the auction
  • Urgency creates competition between bidders, driving the price up- forcing the buyer to make a decision
  • No Listing Price – attracts more buyers
  • The property’s features & benefits appeal to the buyer’s emotions, instead of the more thought-through, rational approach through private treaty
  • Is considered the best way to maximize price
  • Private & Open Inspections
  • Bank Guarantees
  • No cooling off/ Finance/ Building & Pest – Cash Contract – Unconditional Offer
  • Set Result that you can rely and plan on
  • Only way to drive the price up
  • Bank valuation- no chance in crashing


  • Exactly the same as auction without the hype of Auction Day
  • Less Stress
  • Less intimidating for buyers
  • Like a Multi-Offer situation without Private Treaty
  • Each buyer puts forward their best offer by a set date and time.

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