Selling Your North Brisbane Home: 3 Reasons You Should Get A Building & Pest Inspection

Welcome to our Selling Your North Brisbane Home video series, in today’s episode we cover 3 Reasons You Should Get A Building and Pest Inspection before you list your property. 

In this short video, Northside Realty’s Bryan Reinhardt talks about how undertaking a building and pest inspection as the seller, can prevent a contract on your home from falling over.

Watch the Video here.

What to do before putting your house on the market

Every year, in Brisbane, there are many sale contracts that are terminated by the buyers because of an unfavourable building and pest inspection. The last thing you want as a seller.

And yet most of these terminations could have been avoided if a building and pest inspection was organised by the seller prior to the house going on the market.

Whether your home is old or new, undertaking a building and pest inspection will reveal what needs to be repaired, replaced or removed. It may also highlight if there are live termites you don’t know about or there is termite damage to the house or in the yard.

By proactively addressing and fixing any issues that will arise, you’re reducing the risk a buyer will terminate a sale contract

3 reasons you should get a building and pest inspection

  1. You will get more money – Because you are providing proof that the house is in good condition, it provides an opportunity to create more revenue on the sale of the house. Plus, there’s less chance a buyer will request a price reduction if their building and pest inspection report comes back unblemished.
  2. An inspection will reveal what needs to be repaired, replaced or removed – By undertaking the building and pest inspection prior to sale, you will find out what does or doesn’t need to be fixed. This is peace of mind for buyers.
  3. Less chance of contract termination – If you have already resolved all potential issues, you decrease the risk of buyers terminating the sale of contract.

Building a trusting relationship

Informing the buyer a building and pest inspection has been done and by providing this report together with evidence that necessary items have been rectified or replaced, instils confidence, trust and transparency in the buyer.

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