Selling Your North Brisbane Home: Fix Those House Cracks

In the next chapter of the Selling Your North Brisbane Home video series, we talk about preparing your home for sale and the importance of fixing those house cracks. View the video here.

Northside Realty principal Bryan Reinhardt talks about why tending to those pesky cracks is vital when it comes to selling your home.

Fixing cracks inside your home

All houses move, no matter what the construction of the house is, cracking will appear.

For presentation purposes, you must fix cracks before putting your house on the market.

Cornice cracks normally crack in the corners and a quick, easy fix is No Gaps which you can buy from Bunnings.

Some wall cracks will need to be filled with filler, sanded back and painted over. For all other cracks, depending on the severity, all you need is a handyman.

If you have some major cracks, that in some cases, are more than 5mm, I would suggest getting a building inspector to look at the home, as this could be indicating a more serious issue – and something that may present a problem if a buyer conducts a building and pest inspection.

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Selling Your North Brisbane Home: Fix those House Cracks

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