Selling Your North Brisbane Home: Why Driveways Should be Cleaned!

In today’s video we’re discussing a detail that is often overlooked, Why Driveways Should be Cleaned. This is the latest chapter in the Selling Your North Brisbane Home series.

Northside Realty principal Bryan Reinhardt uses this short video to highlight to sellers how a clean driveway can attract potential buyers.

Watch video here or scroll down to read the full blog.

Tips for cleaning driveways and pathways

To give yourself more chances of attracting buyers to your home, we recommend that you do a bit of tidying and cleaning up.

This could be the deciding factor whether a buyer chooses to inspect your home or not.

  • Gurney your pathways and driveway so they are clean.
  • If you have a stencilled driveway that looks patchy and faded, consider painting the driveway in a modern colour to add to the appeal. 
  • If you have a paved driveway, remove visible weeds growing out of the driveway.
  • If your driveway is laid on crusher dust and has dropped in areas, lift the pavers and level off. 
  • If you have oil stains on the driveway, make sure these are cleaned off.

It’s important to make your driveway and pathways inviting from the outside. It’s about inviting the buyer to come in and want to inspect your home and it all starts out the front.

Selling Your North Brisbane Home

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