Top 5 Tips for Selling

Selling your property can be a whirlwind of events from the day your property hits the market to settlement day, but before you list here are our top 5 tips for selling your property.

1. De-clutter 

A common piece of advice any seller will hear is de-clutter. Presenting your property well is going to make a huge difference overall. Clean out anything you no longer use or anything that makes the space seem smaller such as extra furniture, kid’s toys, books, etc. You can easily donate these items or store them at a family member’s. Also, try and keep your personal items limited, this will allow prospective buyers to envision themselves in the home.

2. Clean

Don’t just go over the floors with a mop and vacuum and then call it a day. Clean every little nook and cranny, pay attention to the small details. Clean off blinds, wash windows, clean inside appliances, tidy the entertaining area as well as the entrance. Your house is now on display and should look inviting and well cared for.

3. Make Minor Repairs

If you’re working on a tight budget perhaps only look at the smaller repairs such as changing light fixtures, cupboard door handles and window coverings. If you’ve got more to spend you could perhaps look at changing cupboard doors in the kitchen, new flooring or even replacing the kitchen bench. This varies on how much you are willing to spend but by changing something as simple as a door handle can have a profound effect on the overall look.

4. Gardening 

Sprucing up the garden can add some major curb appeal and is highly recommended. Adding some greenery can add a more homely feel and is more appealing to prospective buyers. But be careful not to go overboard you don’t want it to look too busy! Trim the edges and pull any weeds that may have sprouted.

5. Consult a Stylist 

More and more sellers are engaging home stylists to stage their homes for sale campaigns. Even just consulting a stylist can provide you with very handy tips on how to layout your current furniture that can change the feel and look of your property, appealing to more buyers. If you’re not wanting to engage a stylist your real estate agent could give you advice on steps you can take to appeal to more buyers.

Remember presentation is everything when selling your home!


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